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Our strategy is straightforward — accelerate the design-build of new ways to work together and deliver the complete connected care that helps people live longer, better lives. 

Specifically, are focused on three streams of work:

  1. Planning for a future where there will be fewer but sicker people in hospital beds, and more acute care delivered in home and community-based care settings by mobile teams of clinicians equipped with advanced monitoring technology. Successfully making this shift requires community-based physicians, mobile paramedicine providers, Lowell General based teams and subspecialists at Tufts Medical Center working in teams.
  2. Radically transforming physician practice business and operating models to be sustainable in fully capitated models, and to deliver distinctive, increasingly “contactless” and coordinated service experiences across episodes of care. This transformation must be coupled with creative, new partnership models with payers to return our investments in innovation and better population outcomes as revenue for our practices.
  3. Accelerating technology deployment and workflow redesign to streamline the effort required by physicians and their staff to access near-real time data and predictively model patient needs for more timely and effective care interventions.

Circle Health has chartered a Transformation Steering Committee to engage stakeholders and oversee and accelerate progress on these streams of work. Through this process we are moving beyond the old ways of working alone, together on parallel tracks that often-created disjointed care experiences. We are instead working together as one to deliver on our promise of Complete Connected Care.