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Circle Health’s future vision is anchored in a belief that community-based private practice and employed physicians can work together to manage populations and enhance individual care in ways that help people live longer, better lives. That physician-patient relationship is at the core of everything we do — it is the foundation for our past, current and future success.

To succeed, though, we all agree that there is need to transform the physician practice model so that it is sustainable for private practice and employed groups. We must create distinctive service experiences that people crave. And, we must streamline, standardized and automate the processes for managing the health of rising risk and high-cost, complex populations. Critically, we need to accelerate progress on these multiple priorities, because we believe that there is significant opportunity in the market to capture a greater share of the health insurance premium in our practices and to recruit new and a next generation of leading physicians to our cause.

Steering Committee Physician Members

Celero Project

The Celero Project (Latin for accelerate) is a coalition of seven adult primary care and pediatric practices that share a vision for the future of care that is sustainable, distinctive, and highly impactful for patients and our communities. They are led by a representative Steering Committee of physicians noted at right.

Those seven prototype practices are design-build sprints to create best-practices for future-ready primary care. Through an iterative design-process they have create a vision for patient journeys across episodes of service, which is documented in the graphic below.

Celero Project

A second cohort of Celero practices will begin their accelerated journey in October of 2020, along with practice from across Wellforce. That second cohort will learn from and be mentored by the seven Celero prototype practices (dubbed the Magnificent Seven by Dr. Frank Osborn!). They will work from a transformation blueprint created for the Celero Project and practice level learnings from the groups.