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X-ray services at Lowell General Chelmsford - 10 Research Place are temporarily suspended. 

Knowing that technology is only one input to an effective care management effort, the Transformation Steering Committee has also convened a Care Management Work Group which is looking at issues of workflow and resources to make certain that people get connected to effective resources, and that process is streamlined to enhance physician experiences.

Care Management Governance

  • Lori Uzdarwin, Program Director, ACO Case Management & Community Partnerships.
  • Mary DeRoo, Director of Healthcare Operations
  • Karen Grossman, Director, Practice Collaboration and Engagement at Lowell General Hospital
  • Heather Antolik, Program Manager, Quality and Patient Experience at Lowell General Hospital
  • Lindsay Marino, Nurse Manager, Chronic Diseases
  • Amanda Ford, Continuity of Care Case Manager
  • CeCe Lynch, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Dr. Bernice Burkarth, Chief Medical Officer HHF
  • Kathy Garland, Senior Director, Contracting & ACO Performance
  • Dr. Wendy Mitchell, PHO Medical Director
  • Katie Matte, Program Manager
  • Becky Williams
  • Dr. Linda Weinreb
  • Carol Plotkin
  • Amy Hoey
  • Emily Young, Executive Co-Sponsor & VP of PHM