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Physician-Led Change

Circle Health has formed a Transformation Steering Committee to oversee a broad and accelerated change in how we work together to help people live longer, better lives.

The Committee’s charge is to set a strategic direction for change, develop and applying guiding principles for transformation, and provide ongoing counsel and feedback on the sequence and pace of change.

The Circle Health Transformation Steering Committee is co-chaired by Drs. Frank Osborn and Bill Boyd, and comprised of a diverse set of clinical, small-team, business, and executive leaders from Circle Health and Wellforce. The Committee is overseeing several streams of work that correlate to our strategy imperatives of:

The success of this effort is defined as the accelerated fulfillment of the Circle Health 2025 Vision as laid out at our 2019 Advance.

Transformation Steering Committee Membership

  • Co-Chair: Dr. Frank Osborn, FP, PHO Medical Director
  • Co-Chair: Dr. Bill Boyd, Atrius Internal Medicine
  • Amy Hoey, Executive Co-Sponsor & COO
  • Emily Young, Executive Co-Sponsor & VP of PHM
  • Bill Wyman, SVP Finance
  • CeCe Lynch, Chief Nursing Executive
  • Karen Gomes, HHF CEO
  • Dr. Nate MacDonald, Chief of Emergency Department
  • Dr. Wendy Mitchell, PHO Medical Director
  • Dr. Seema Sahib, Chief of Adult Hospitalist Program
  • Dr. Jonathan Drake, ED
  • Dr. Marianna Chemlay, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Randi Berkowitz, CMO, Lowell Community Health Center
  • Dr. Arthur Lauretano, CMO, Circle Health
  • Dr. Mike Wagner, Chief Physician Executive Wellforce
  • Dr. Tushar Patel, Riverside Practice
  • Dr. Miret Ibrahim, Cardiology
  • John McLendon, CIO
  • Katie Matte, Program Manager
  • Karen Grossman, Director, Practice Collaboration and Engagement at Lowell General Hospital