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Circle Health is committed to accelerating the shift of care beyond the limits of our buildings and office hours. That commitment underpins our innovative work to keep people out of the hospital — even for acute care needs — because the evidence shows that many heal faster at home.  Older adults, especially, face a greater risk of increased dementia and infection with extended hospital stays.  Care for them at home is often a better and safer model for care.

That’s why the Circle Health Transformation Committee is introducing Circle Health @Home Hospital Care, an integrated suite of services to avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital admissions.  The vision for Circle Health @Home is simple and powerful: move more of Lowell General’s high-quality acute care out of the hospital and into the community and people’s homes.

Circle Health @Home is built around the big idea that people do not always need to be on the hospital campus to get advanced diagnostics, sophisticated hospital care and post-acute support. Rather than expecting people to come to us when they are sick and in need of care, Circle Health @Home delivers care directly to people so that they can heal at home and avoid hospital stays.

Circle Health @Home is not just a mobile set of hospital services.  It is designed to coordinate service from pre- to post-hospital care. Our integrated approach delivers better care outcomes by using advanced technology that allows the experts including Tufts Medical Center subspecialists who would otherwise monitor patients in the hospital to stay on the case while the patient is being cared for at home.  

That is Complete Connected Care

@HomeHospitalCare Work Group Membership

  • Co-Chair: Dr. Bill Boyd
  • Co-Chair: Dr. Tushar Patel, Riverside Practice
  • Emily Young, Executive Co-Sponsor & VP of PHM
  • Katie Matte, Program Manager
  • Dr. Wendy Mitchell, PHO Medical Director
  • Lindsay Marino, Nurse Manager, Chronic Diseases
  • Dr. Andrew Romanowsky, Internist
  • Amanda Ford, Continuity of Care Case Manager
  • Mary DeRoo, Director of Healthcare Operations
  • CeCe Lynch, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Dr. Bernice Burkarth, Chief Medical Officer HHF
  • Kathy Garland, Senior Director, Contracting & ACO Performance
  • Nancy Sydow, Nurse Practitioner, Cardiology (On behalf of Dr. Miret Ibrahim, Cardiology)

Mobile Integrated Health

A core component of our @Home Hospital Care suite of services is our mobile integrated health program, which utilizes paramedics and nurses for in-home evaluation and diagnostic support. This is especially helpful for older patients who often face repeat trips to the hospital for complicated medical conditions. Circle Health’s mobile team can respond fast to make timely assessments and decide whether another trip to the hospital and emergency department is necessary.

Mobile Integrated Health Group Membership


  • Dr. Wendy Mitchell
  • Dr. Jonathan Drake


  • Dr. Marianna Chemaly, Mill City
  • Dr. Randi Berkowitz
  • Dr. Nathan MacDonald
  • Katie Matte, PM
  • Melissa Lopes & Amy Quinn, IT
  • Erin Donovan, Quality
  • Amy Hoey, Operational
  • Nancy Sydow, Nurse Practitioner, Cardiology (On behalf of Dr. Miret Ibrahim, Cardiology)
  • Nancy Funaro, Hospitalist NP

Additional Support (as needed)

  • Dr. Seema Sahib
  • Dr. Tushar Patel
  • Oncology
  • HHF