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ConnectCare Hub is a component of Circle Health Care Management. You can think of ConnectCare Hub as air-traffic control for helping people safely move from one care setting to another; for example, from a hospital bed to home, to an ongoing program to manage chronic conditions like hepatitis, or to administer critical medications outside the hospital or physician office.

ConnectCare Hub is meant to give confidence to people that they have a partner to work with them on their care journey. We know it’s hard to manage complex care and multiple doctor relationships. We know people benefit from resources to help reconcile medications. Many need an advocate to help them navigate and stay current with their plan of care.

Best of all, ConnectCare Hub is designed to use technology to stay connected with your Circle Health primary care and specialty doctors, with the clinical team at Lowell General Hospital and with subspecialists at Tufts Medical Center. With ConnectCare Hub you are never alone in your care journey and always connected to your care team.