2021 Holiday Message

As we approach the holiday season, the physicians and staff at Lowell General and Circle Health want to thank you for the support you have shown us over this challenging year.

In the halls of our hospital, we often say that pandemic response is a team sport. And while we have relied on the talent, commitment and resilience of our entire team, we have also leaned on our community, and you have been there for us every step of the way.

Your support has come in many forms – donations, volunteerism, or simply words of kindness and empathy.

But no gesture stands out more than the way this community came together to vaccinate and protect their friends, neighbors and people they never met. Retired nurses worked alongside nursing students, doctors worked shifts in their free time, firefighters filled thousands of syringes, and citizens from around the city and neighboring towns asked how they could help.

Over three months, behind the strength of more than 100 volunteers working alongside our staff, we delivered 140,000 doses and prevented countless new cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

The pandemic is not over, and we continue to face challenges that are testing our strength and resilience. But this past year we have learned that there is little this community can’t accomplish when we come together. The best gift you can give our team is to get vaccinated and boosted, wear a mask, and stay safe. From our family to yours, we wish you a healthy, happy and safe holiday season.

Season’s Greetings,
Joseph A. White
President and CEO
Circle Health and Lowell General Hospital