When it comes to prescribing antibiotics appropriately, accurately and safely in an urgent care setting, Circle Health and is Medical Director of Urgent Care stand above the crowd.

Dr. Mary Lynn Joe, MD, FACEP, is the first-ever recipient of the Antibiotic Stewardship Champion Award given from the College of Urgent Care Medicine® (CUCM) in conjunction with the Urgent Care Association (UCA) and the Urgent Care Foundation (UFA).

Dr. Joe Antibiotic Stewardship Champion Certificate Feb 2020

The award recognizes the clinician who supports the practice of prescribing the correct antibiotic for the appropriate diagnosis, at the correct dosage and for the shortest duration while assuring it will be effective. The clinician is also willing to saying no when antibiotics are not needed.

According to the UCA, Dr. Joe was honored for bringing a robust program focused on antibiotic stewardship to Circle Health urgent cares in the fall of 2019, educating all providers on the importance of antibiotic stewardship. She also strives to educate patients with information about differences between viruses and bacteria and when antibiotics are indicated and when they are not. She only prescribes antibiotics for diagnoses where there is a clear bacterial infection where antibiotics are clearly indicated. Even then, only appropriate antibiotics at the correct dosage and length of treatment are selected.

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