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Circle Health Tewksbury

Circle Health Tewksbury


The Circle Health Tewksbury facility, a 13,000-square foot medical building, is located at the corner of Main Street (Route 38) and Victor Drive.

This outpatient facility offers key services including Circle Health Urgent Care, a Lowell General Hospital Patient Service Center with Blood Draw, X-Ray, and Ultrasound, and primary care providers Tewksbury Family Healthcare

Circle Health Urgent Care

1574 Main Street
Tewksbury, MA 01876
Main Number: 978-323-5945
Fax: 978-323-5946

Lowell General Hospital Patient Service Center

Main Number: 978-323-5950
Fax: 978-323-5951

Tewksbury Family Health

Primary Care Provider
Main Number: 978-323-2819
Fax: 978-323-2821

For more information on providers and services, visit https://tewksburyfamilyhealth.com/